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Meet my dog "Jack".  Jack competed in conformation, obedience and also truly enjoyed Agility.  On his first trip to a lure coursing event, it was unmistakably clear he wanted to "get that bunny!" and would have nothing less than to try his qualifying runs!  He not only qualified, but quickly earned his JC, then his SC and was working his way towards his MC title before he passed 11/2018.  Because Jack's entire nature and his instinctive life mission was to 'serve' (making him not only my excellent Service Dog but gaining him nationwide acclaim too), it was obvious to me that he would never earn his FC... but that in no way means d'boy can't and didn't just absolutely LUV to course.  He'd had many a "Secretariat" runs which were a thrill to watch as he outruns FCs, literally leaving them in his dust yet also performing as a most excellent pack dog in catching the lure.  Makes no difference to me if he never earned his FC ~ he luved to run & course.  Words I heard from another are so appropriate for our sitiuation:  "He [Jack] does SO much for me ~ I do THIS [lure coursing] for HIM!"  My always serious, controlled and very gentle boy would turn into a raving maniac at the line ~ not merely straining and pulling forward and whinning to get loose but to repeatedly rearing in the air on his back feet, pawing the air and screeching like a wild stallion!   (Always made ME laugh ~ others, not so much!  Scared many a folk at the line to see Jack's instantaneous transformation into him letting go of any & all built up energy as soon as his coursing collar was on him!  Coursing was HIS place to "let it all out"!  And immediately after the run was over ~ Jack returned to me immediately on command... smiling & wagging his tail with joy with every step and turning right back to his pre-line self & behaviors.   haha)


On first seeing how much Jack loved lure coursing, I naturally set about looking for all of the gear he would need to continue to compete.  Searching online, I couldn't find any one site where I could get a variety of products I needed ~ or wanted.  In my internet searching, I also discovered that the domain name of was available ~ so I snapped it up and this site began.

All of my products are handmade by myself ~ I do NOT outsource any sewing or embroidery and I alone do all of the work necessary to complete items as well as developing this website.  Many of my products come from suggestions by other lure coursing participants who know I sew (fabric, leather and other heavy duty items), do leather work and embroidery.  I believe strongly in offering only high quality, top notch products which have been "field tested" by myself or others.

In developing my products, I may have used ideas from others but I have made and refined my own patterns from scratch, perfecting them for the ultimate comfort of the dog and ease of use by the dog handler ~ many times via personal feedback from lure coursing dog owners.

So please feel free to review all of my Products, bookmark this site and come back often as I am in continual development of this site (at the same time as making products), and also to email me with any questions or suggestions you might have.

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Now?  Although my Sweet Irreplaceable Jack has passed, I will still be involved with lure coursing.  I now have a 14-mth puppy who has completed her first remarkable Fun Run and she too is extremely excited about coursing as well!  So, yes, I will continue with this website and get "Fin" (Calico Ridge Infinity) involved in coursing events.  Fin is HIGHLY competitive so there's a good chance she WILL will ultimately earn her FC (fingers Xd here =) )



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