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Dog & Lure Coursing Formal Information:
AKC (American Kennel Club)
     ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association)
     All Breed Lure Sports Association

Lure Coursing Clubs & Events
Desert Fun Bunch (DFB, Arizona; My Fav place to Lure Course my dog)
     White Mountain Kennel Club (AKC & CAT Lure Coursing several times a year)

Lure Coursing Equipment
    Although I don't offer Lure Coursing Equipment, I've met some wonderful folk online who offer an extensive and quality line of all that' s needed to operate a Lure Coursing Event.  If you need anything equipment wise, please check them out:


Lure Coursing Dogs or Other Dogs available for adoption from Rescue Groups:


If you think you'd like to get into Lure Coursing... but maybe you don't have a sighthound right now ~ may I suggest the possibility of adopting?  Please check out my Links page where I've listed some Rescue groups I personally know and very highly recommend:

Afghan Hound




Greyhound Rescue in San Antonio, TX.  Ask for Sherry ~ a most wonderful & knowledgable person with a heart of gold!  She'll find you just the absolute right Greyhound to fill YOUR life with joy and love... just as she did for Nate & "Foxie"

Check out these smiles & Foxie modeling a Lure Coursing Gear fitted elastic Coursing Blanket in a size Large:

Congrats Nate and
Congrats "Foxie"!!

Ibizan Hound

Irish Wolfhound

Italian Greyhound

Pharoh Hound

Rhodesian Ridgeback

     BARRC - Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club & NCRRR (Northern California Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue)


Scottish Deerhound


Also:  Silkens (currently only running ASFA for lure coursing)

Other groups (large & national groups) who use coursing blankets:

NOTRA (National Oval Track Racing Association)
LGRA  (Large Gazehound Racing Association)
R.A.C.E.  (Racing and Coursing Enthusiasts)

ABLSA (All Breed Lure Sports Association)
CARA (Canadian Amateur Racing Association)
NASR (North American Straight Racing)

My Vending Schedule & links to those Events


My plans are to attend the following Lure Coursing Events.  (Of course, if one of my girls goes into season and I have no DogSitter for her,  or some other act of nature prevent me from attending, I won’t be there.)  It’d be a pleasure to meet up with you in person, so come on out and let’s let our dogs run.  =)  I am not 'associated' with any of these clubs - I'm merely a participant who is grateful that I can set up my products for sale.  At these events, I often take a variety of coursing blankets, slip leads, cooling blankets and other miscellaneous items that might be of interest to other participants.  But whether I’m there of not, these are IMHO some of the absolute best Lure Coursing Events to participate in:  You can find their websites, their Premium Lists and Entry forms, via the links below.





Desert Fun Bunch Test & Trial

Tonopah, AZ

CSBC (Copper State Basenji Club)

Tucson, AZ


Hopes are to be able to travel outside of the SW area – branch out to the Midwest too!  =)  More info later

If you know of an event in the SouthWest that you think would be an excellent event for me to attend, please email me.  Thank you.

Meantime, if you are looking for an event for you and your dog(s), be sure to check with and search for Performance Events, Lure Coursing, pick your state or location.

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