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What IS Lure Coursing?

If you like videos, I would suggest you first watch this YouTube video:

"What Is Lure Coursing"

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Myself, I am an absolute true Novice at Lure Coursing... only having been involved and watching my dog enjoyed this sport for the past 2 years so I am not be as knowledgable as others.  But I CAN tell you that during my short time I've learned one very important personal thing about Lure Coursing ~  Lure Coursing is nothing but absolute PURE FUN first for your dog and secondly for you and your family where you can enjoy watching your dog exercise its natural prey instinct!

However, there are many formal "ins and outs" (rules, titles, even an upcoming events listing) of what Lure Coursing is and you can find much of that information by first visiting the AKC page as well as an excellent article:  Lure Coursing 101.

Lure Coursing is primarily for Sighthounds per AKC.  But many other breeds (including mixed) can participate at certain events and/or at various Coursing Club's Events too.

Yes, even your mixed breed or unregistered purebred dog can participate in Coursing fun:  Check out AKC's latest article:
New AKC Event Allows ALL Dogs to Discover Fun of Lure Coursing

In many cases of Lure Coursing, you may need a Registration number for your dog to participate.

If your dog is purebred but unregistered, AKC's Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program afford the opportunity allowing unregistered dogs of registerable breeds to obtain a PAL registration number for your dog so it can participate in various Lure Coursing events.  Visit AKC's PAL Registration Page for information.

If your dog is a mixed breed or family dog, AKC also has a Partners Mixed Breed & Family Dog Program which qualifys a mixed breed dog to participate in various performance events such as Lure Coursing at certain events.

AKC also has a Coursing Ability Test which lists ALL breeds who have earned CA (Coursing Ability) titles ~ not just Sighthounds.

For other entities outside of AKC, you might also be interested in visiting these excellent sites as well:

American Sighthound Field Association ~ often referred to as ASFA by many ~ is where you will find additional information about further competition and an excellent Information Page on the History of Lure Coursing (primarily as relates to their organization ~ but a quick excellent read about the sport itself too).

And if your dog is not a Sighthound or one of the eligible breeds to participate in either AKC or ASFA, you might be interested in the All Breed Lure Sports Association

Additionally, there are a variety of sanctioned and/or licensed lure coursing clubs online... many of which I have listed on my Links page.

But the best way of discovering what Lure Coursing is happens when you find an event, take your family & dog and go visit to watch the day's events!

See you there!

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