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My plans are to attend the following Lure Coursing Events.  (Of course, if one of my girls goes into season and I have no DogSitter,  or some other act of nature prevent me from attending, I may not be there.  Please do NOT contact these clubs with any request concerning me or my products … just email me direct; TY.)

I’m not a member of or associated with any of these clubs – I am simply grateful & lucky enough to be able to attend, enter my dogs so they can participate in the event and to also be able to set up my products in case any other participants may want or need anything.  At these events, I often take a variety of coursing blankets, slip leads, cooling blankets and other miscellaneous items that might be of interest to other participants.  But whether I’m there of not, these are IMHO some of the absolute best Lure Coursing Events to participate in the AZ, S CA, N CA & NM areas.

Please check out the links below, find their websites, Premium Lists and Entry forms, and come on out to run your dog(s).  It’d be a pleasure to meet you in person.  But, please do NOT bother these clubs with whether I will be there, what I’ll be bringing in the way of Lure Coursing Gear, etc… just email ME direct.  =)

Southern CA Dog Lure Coursing





Desert Fun Bunch Test & Trial

most often at Tonopah, AZ

CSBC (Copper State Basenji Club)

Tucson, AZ


Hoping to be able to travel outside of the SW area – branch out to the Midwest too!  =)  More info later.

However, for the present time, the other places I plan/hope to be participating in events at are:

Southern CA Dog Lure Coursing most often held at Chino, CA @ Prado Dog Park
Copper State Basenji Club ShowLow, AZ, Tucson, AZ or other locations CA, FCATs, Tests & Trials
AZ Rhodesian Ridgeback Club has an annual FCAT event; most often in Phx @ Fairgrounds

If you are aware of an event in the SouthWest that you think would be an excellent event for me to attend, please email me.   (Trials, CAT, FCAT, etc)   Thank you.

Remember to also check with and search for Performance Events, Lure Coursing, pick your state or location.

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Store Policies:  Payment, Shippng, Returns, Etc

Last Update:  11/17/2023