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Tally Ho! 

You've found the one website
where ALL of your coursing
or racing gear - and more - is available in 5 sizes!

After seeing how much my previous dog "Jack" loved lure coursing, I naturally set about looking for all of the gear he would need to continue to compete.  Searching online, I couldn't find any one site where I could get a variety of products I needed ~ or wanted.  In my internet searching, I also discovered that the domain name of was available ~ so I snapped it up and this site began.  That was 2013.

All of my products are handmade by myself ~ I do NOT outsource any sewing or embroidery and I alone do all of the work necessary to complete items as well as developing this website.  Many of my products come from suggestions by other lure coursing participants who know I sew (fabric, leather and other heavy duty items), do leather work and embroidery.  I believe strongly in offering only high quality, top notch products which have been "field tested" by myself or others.

In developing my products, I may have used visual ideas from others but I have made and refined my own patterns from scratch, perfecting them for the ultimate comfort of the dog and ease of use by the dog handler ~ many times via personal feedback from lure coursing dog owners.

So please feel free to review all of my Products, bookmark this site and come back often as I am in continual development of this site (at the same time as making products), and also to email me with any questions or suggestions you might have.

Thank you for reading this... now ~ please check out This Week's New Item added:

TWO new For 2023 Coursing Season items:

(and if you see these items anywhere else - they have merely 'stolen' from me!)

Presenting the exclusively designed,
newest, most dog & owner friendly style of lure coursing blanket

My own personally exclusive design of the best of both the cape & fitted designs

No specific leg holes for the dog -just slip it over their head
No velcro, snaps, buttons, etc
Plus, the fabric is super lightweight but very sturdy and
 'self vented' for the coolest wearing coursing blanket available

Lure Coursing Gear Proudly presents -


Visit the Lure Coursing Blankets page to see more info or for specifics

but keep scrolling.... there's MORE!


available for the coming 2024 Fall/Winter cold weather - are my personally developed & designed:

Fleece Long Sleeve Pullover Sweatshirts

A pullover fleece long sleeve sweatshirt is perfect to keep your dog warm indoors or out.

Designed & made to allow your dog its completely unhindered normal movements
including even a fast jog around the yard or field.

This is also an excellent, comfortable item especially for elder dogs or
others who need a bit of extra warmth from time to time
or even just during particularly cold weather.

The ONLY thing I've personally found difficult with this sweatshirt is getting if OFF my dog!
The "difficulty" is not with the Sweatshirt but with the dog!
She comes in from outside and I go to take the sweatshirt off my girl (shown above)
and she goes into this limp resistance "wet noodle"  state of dead weight while
she trys to simultaneously nail her body to the couch
she's laying on while wearing her sweatshirt!  LOL
When I do finally get her sweatshirt off of her... she sulks for a while afterwards!  lol

These Fleece Pullover Sweatshirts will first be available
in assorted sizes, colors, and novelty fleece designs
beginning September 1, 2024 

Click HERE to Contact me now to make sure you get on the early order list!

I'm also working on perfecting a new style of dog COAT which will
slip over their head & cover their entire chest to eliminate that
inadequate "belly band" type closure on most dog coats.
This new style will most certainly greatly benefit those in severely cold climates
or those owners who want more warmth for their dog than
is currently often offered.

Production of these "cold weather wear" items will begin during the summer months of 2024!


I'm coming up with new ideas, designs & other products

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